ERROR:Permission denied (publickey)

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스크린샷 2013-07-07 오후 5.03.48

이전 강의 날로먹어서 여기서 막힘. 2강 SSH에서 다시 시작.

권한설정 다 했고, 착실히 경로도 옮겨놨는데, 권한에서 막힘.

스크린샷 2013-07-07 오후 5.05.46

스크린샷 2013-07-07 오후 5.05.54

$ ssh awshost1

Permission denied (publickey). <- 이렇게 나온다 ㅠㅠ  어디서 잘못한건지? …


키이름을 너무 복잡하게 써놨었나보다……..

IdentifyFile “~/.ssh/MKUbuntuKey.pem” 때문에……..[하아]

앱 & 서비스 기획자입니다. 잘하고 싶어요.

  • Hi, it looks like you mispelled your pem filename in your config file.

    If not,
    Make sure the following works first:
    ssh -i MKUbuntuKey.pem [email protected]

    Then, you can do:
    ssh -vvv awshost1

    You can then review the output for errors. Most posts say it’s a file permissions error but for me, it was just a mispelling on my configuration file.

    Good luck!!

    • Yes, I took a spelling mistake that I typed not MKUbuntuKey but MKUbuntKey without “u”.It is often a mistake: (

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